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Galbally Community – Vision

 Galbally is a rural community. We have many natural advantages including our landscape and location.  We are situated to the western end of the Glen Of Aherlow and have one of the most picturesque landscapes on the island.  We are situated within a 45 minute commute of two main population and commercial centres, Limerick and Cork.  We have easy access to rail services from Tipperary Town and Limerick Junction which are both within 12 miles of the village.  We also have easy access to the M8 motorway at Mitchelstown which is 10 miles away.

We have a proud tradition of volunteerism and this is best seen in the number and range of successful sporting and community organisations in Galbally. It is quite normal for our residents to be active members of many organisations and this sense of community involvement has been fostered over many generations.

We have some small cottage industries locally but local commerce is based on agriculture mainly. However, we do have a substantial number of skilled people who have made Galbally their home and are either predominantly home workers or commute to Cork, Limerick or Dublin for their work.

As with many small villages in Ireland, Galbally has suffered as a result of mass emigration since the Economic Crisis of the last 10 years.  As a result, we have an aging population and without any new inflow of people, we run the serious risk of seeing many more derelict houses in the years to come.

We want to stop the rot of a declining and aging population. We feel that the way we will achieve this is to increase the attractiveness of Galbally as a place to visit and to live.  We want to ensure that we maintain, sustain and nurture our wonderful natural environment and ensure it’s attractiveness for families to come to and remain in our area.  People are the life blood of all communities and we want to expand our population base and maintain the vibrancy of our way of life.  We also want to ensure that we maintain and promote Galbally as an attractive place for our young diaspora to return to, who have emigrated abroad for economic reasons.

We believe that the ethos of the Tidy Towns and the structure of continuous improvement it espouses in all aspects of our community life, will act as a framework for us to maintain and enhance the quality of life that can be experienced in Galbally, ensure its attractiveness as a place to live and ensure that Galbally is a thriving community for many years to come.